Lamar Odom making progress towards his recovery

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After a great fright, Lamar Odom reportedly woke up from a coma at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center and said “Hi” to his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian.

His heroin-addicted father had abandoned the family when Lamar was still in grade school. When he was only 12, his mother died of colon cancer.

Lamar Odom has been found unconscious by two prostitutes inside his room in a Las Vegas brothel Tuesday. Subsequently he fell into a coma, waking up on Friday afternoon.

However, Lamar Odom’s condition “is still guarded,” and it is not clear if he is still awake or has lapsed back into a coma.

Now, it seems as if the 6’10” 35-year-old with the gift for elevating his teammates’ game may have one more miracle left in him.

Radar Online reports that when the doctors removed the breathing tube this morning from Odom this morning, he responded, giving family and friends considerable reason for hope.

“He opened his eyes around 10:30 a.m. and he made a sound like a whisper,” says an insider.

Surprisingly, it is not the first time that Lamar has showed signs of life.

“She reached down and said you know I love you and he kind of nodded,” he said. Three or four days after scaring his friends and family – who feared the worst – to death, there is now a little progress and a little hope.

People claimed to have spoken with a source close to the family about Lamar Odom’s condition.

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