The secrets to successful basketball trading on Betfair

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) format and season

Millions of people around the globe are addicted to National Basketball Association. I can’t blame them because the league really showcases the world’s best players and teams. Each NBA play definitely gives the avid viewers a gush of thrill and load of fun.

Since you are already a basketball enthusiast, I assume that you already know by heart the 30 different teams that play in the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Of course, each conference is further subdivided into three divisions. Eastern Conference divisions are called Atlantic, Central and Southeast while the Western Conference divisions are called Northwest, Pacific and Southwest.

Playoffs and NBA Finals

In late April, NBA playoffs start with eight teams from the east and west contending for the most coveted championship. Playoff games happen between the champs of each of the three divisions and the team with the next best record from the conference. These four teams are given the top four seeds, whereas the four teams with the next best records are given the lower four seeds.

The playoffs follow a knockout tournament format. Every team plays a rival in a best-of-seven format in each conference. The winners of each conference then play in the NBA Finals to determine the champion.


Now that you’re done with the NBA format, its season, playoffs and finals, continue reading this useful guide that unveils the secrets to successful basketball trading on Betfair.

First, you have to know the details on the basketball market. Listed below are the significant terms that you need to learn before you bet on basketball.


This is an outright market. You bet on a team at given odds.

First half moneyline

This in an outright market to regulate which team will be leading at halftime.

First quarter moneyline

This is an outright market to determine which team will be leading at the end of the first quarter.

Handicap or spread betting

In this market, the favorite is allotted a number of points with a minus (-) sign.

First-half point spread

This market concludes at halftime. Handicap rules apply as well.

First quarter point spread

This market ends at the end of the first quarter. Handicap rules apply as well.

Total points over/under

The total number of points scored by both teams determines the winner of this market.

First half total points

The total number of points recorded by both teams at halftime defines the winner of this market.

First quarter total points

The total number of points scored by both teams at the end of the first quarter concludes the winner of this market.


Aside from the NBA market, you ought to know several betting strategies that will make you win later on.

You have to bear in mind that having a concrete betting strategy is an essential part to making money on the Betfair exchange. Also, spotting trends can be especially money-spinning when you’re trading on the exchange.

In-play strategies

Knowing when to bet against the market is the key to making a big profit. One strategy that you can use is backing a team with a double-digit deficit at halftime.

Always back a team that has a winning record and is playing a team with a losing record. Statistics are valued when trading on basketball, and I hope you’ll find them especially valuable when trading in play. You can visit the official site of NBA during halftime break and check the significant percentages of the game you wish to trade on.

The site format is user friendly, so you’ll have no problems in searching for the defensive and offensive stats. You can see those relevant stats on one page which features a filter icon with which you can add or remove statistics to suit your needs. You are free to use this filter to read first-half statistics. This strategy will enable you to make an informed decision fast.

The same page can be used to trade the total points in the in-play market. Also, take note of the score that is based on a combined figure of both teams’ seasonal averages. If the total points scored at halftime is 90 or under, a wager on the over total points should be placed. Statistically speaking, both teams should score greatly in the second half. Do not be afraid to go against the market in these circumstances though. I assure you, a healthy profit can be reaped if you follow the said rules faithfully.

Aside from backing a team, opposing a big-market team can also give you a healthy profit. You may use Basketball Reference, a user friendly site, together with when opposing a big-market team.

If you believe in the saying ‘No one ever went broke making a profit’, well, you’ll surely make big pots in trading basketball. Take note that a basketball game might have numerous lead changes, and most teams have the capacity to score more. Therefore, it is not unusual for both teams to trade at odds on during a game. A good chance to trade out for a guaranteed profit may present itself throughout the development of a game. If you are trading in play and have the opportunity to boost your bankroll, I would vouch for this option. Just consider and do it carefully for great profit.


Where else will you watch your action-pact basketball games? The best resource for you to watch the action is Surely, you do want to focus on the basketball game for you to trade on, right? So, check out the site and enjoy watching your later betting. Moreover, for the die-hard NBA trader, a League Pass is suggested because every game is shown live in here. Additionally, the site has statistics covering most aspects of the game.

Another resource is the Basketball Reference which contains an excellent game results graph that offers the season results for each team and the margin of victory in a glance. Worry not because the site is easily accessible and manageable.

Aside from the above-mentioned resources, you can also see and use the Betfair platform which happens to be ideal for trading basketball.

Remember, there are lots of markets that would cater to your betting needs, for the beginners as well as the experienced traders. Just visit those bookies for more information.

Indeed, basketball is not only an exciting game to watch but to trade on. Of course, your main goal when trading is to gain profit, right? So, use the valuable tips on how to win money in betting on NBA, and soon, you’ll be making thousand bucks!

Which Betting Calculators to use

I know that you’re ready to place your bets now, but before you go, make sure to click on these sites for the best betting calculator you can use while betting.

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Good luck and happy betting!

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