Can the draft pick and free agency help Phil Jackson in the Knicks rebuilding?

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Mismanagement and bad luck have plagued the New York Knicks. Since the 1990s, they have not been able to put together a high caliber team. What has happened to the then-powerhouse NBA franchise?

Previously, there have been some examples of mismanagement and bad luck encountered by the Knicks—poor administration of Isiah Thomas as the President of Basketball Operations, Amare Stoudemire’s consumption of nearly the entire cap space and most recently, the team’s inability to land a top 3 pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. Indeed, things have not gone in favor of the Knicks.

Recently, James Dolan, the CEO and owner of the Knicks, has asked for reinforcement from ex-Bulls and Lakers head coach Phil Jackson, who just became the President of Basketball Operations to the Knicks. Coming off a poor season for the Knicks, a big load of expectations this next season has been placed on Jackson’s shoulders. That’s why getting the fourth pick and going after the free agency to help the team are two of the current main concerns of Phil.

According to reports, the Knicks are to draft either Ohio State guard D’Angelo Russell, Duke forward Justice Winslow or point guard Emmanuel Mudiay.

Also, Jackson needs free agency for the Knicks which is currently lacking in talent. The team have the cap space available to sign major free agents. Actually, there are some rumors that the team will try to sign point guard Rajon Rondo, center DeAndre Jordan or center Greg Monroe.

As the next NBA season fast approaches, Phil Jackson badly needs to get the fourth pick in the draft right, especially if he really wants to be a successful than his predecessor.

In addition to that, the head coach must also sign a few free agents to build around the 4th overall pick and help forward Carmelo Anthony. That is, if the Knicks are determined to have a good start in this upcoming NBA season.

Either Mudiay or Russel could perfectly fill in the void in the Knicks roster. However, Jackson has to make the right choice for his hard-luck team to be at least in the top three this season. Well, we hope the head coach will choose the best draft pick and sign free agents so as not to disappoint the Knicks fans who have been waiting for their long-awaited victory.

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